Padestal Furniture

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The Best Pedestal Furniture Manufacturers in Mumbai 

The look of an office is an important catalyst in creating a good or bad idea about a company in the minds of visitors. We aim to help you set standards in office décor by opting for pedestal furniture. The pedestal furniture which we have introduced in the market have gained considerable popularity because of their innovative design. The pedestal furniture which are offered as a part of this range are made from solid parawood and are delivered in a ready to assemble form. They come with an adjustable glides on legs.

This type of furniture are made from the best quality of solid wood and wood veneers. They have a white finish and have a rectangular base. They are equipped with skillfully crafted cut-out works and have a high-gloss lacquer finish. The modern style inspired pedestal tables which are meant for usage in cafeterias are highly useful for employees when they come here for a short break.

Made from the best quality of aluminium and glass, they can last for a long period of time and do not involve a high level of maintenance either. Therefore, among all pedestal furniture manufacturers, you can count on Shree Interiors for high-quality furniture.

Where can the pedestal office furniture be used?

Pedestal office furniture can be used in across different parts of an office such as reception, conference room, cafeteria etc. We firmly believe in the notion that the main aim of office décor is to make everything look organized. They are ideal for usage across all areas of the office and can in a great way help you to enhance work efficiency and ensure that the employees feel at home while working here. They are easy to handle and do not cause any type of fatigue either.

These pedestals offer a compact space for personal belongings and files which are close to the workstation. They are available in their latest version and can fit beneath the table as well. They are highly mobile and can fit beneath the table, at table height as well as the extra work surface.