Full Office Partition

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Choose Most Durable Office Partitions


The furniture present with premises of an office has a considerable influence with its ambience. We are well aware of the importance of modular office partitions play in planning and organizing the seating arrangements within an office. Selecting the right type of office partition system will add a more professional touch to your interior and will stand the test of time. The quick shipping as well as cash on delivery amenities make the buying of office furniture a hassle free task.


We at Shree Interiors have come up with office furniture keeping in sync with the changes which are taking place in the office furniture. Therefore, you will be able to check the type of partitions which are available here. Some of these partitions also come with a lifetime guarantee and therefore can be used for a lifetime.


Select from the assortment of modular partitions


The modular partitions which we have in offer includes single panel set-up with a T-leg base. Even if you require a cubicle partition system, you will find a wide range to choose from. The P-Series panels that we have on offer are available with a powder-coated steel frame, a completely recycled upholstery of polyester fabric and MDF core with foam padding.


The presence of foam makes the panel considerably softer and it is semi-tackable also. The presence of leveling glides help in adapting to uneven floors also. In case you are considering the usage of a T-base for a stand set-up, then you can two T-bases are required per panel. All the partitions which we have on offer are created on order and are not-returnable. They are fully assembled during the process of shipping.


Create a highly Room divider partitions


We are also offering room divider partitions as a part of our collection. They are best suited for separating different parts of an office. The stable dividers are extremely difficult to be knocked down. Your employees will feel at flexibility of the surfaces and will be able to continue with their work.